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Marketing and Strategic Planning
RCG works with our clients as their strategic partners, helping them select the best positioning and marketing strategy for their products, services and applications. We can help address pricing, segmentation, branding, messaging, and corporate ID challenges when it comes to new product or service launches, or aid in the relaunch of existing products and services in need of a fresh, new strategy.

Marketing Communications Services

RCG provides comprehensive marketing communications services designed to aid manufacturers and providers of IP Communications products and services. These services include complete editorial, design and production of a variety of communications materials, including white papers, brochures, newsletters, corporate profiles, internal publications, product sheets and other collateral, including user case studies, application stories and press releases.

Awareness and Demand Creation Services
RCG can provide assistance with Web site production and design; trade show support and seminar and special event production; and advertising and direct marketing services.

Product/Service and Sales Support Programs

We work with clients to develop an array of support materials for products and services. Such materials include implementation guides, system/service manager's training programs, and user guides and other user group services. To improve the sales effort, RCG creates effective sales presentations, sales training courses, and sales documentation.

Market Research and Analysis Services

RCG provides an array of market research services to bear on any consulting project. Research we have conducted includes customer and user database analyses; competitive analyses of existing vendors, products and services; determination of market potentials for various technologies and applications; domestic and international market research studies; product positioning and advertising/promotional campaign research projects; and others.

RCG provides a full range of custom and multi-client marketing research services, offering both qualitative and quantitative techniques. We offer a broad spectrum of research services designed to provide expert assistance in understanding both consumer and business behavior. RCG market analysis services also include market opportunity and competitive analyses.

Whether RCG is called upon to undertake the design of a study, its execution, or to provide specialized analysis, our procedure is to determine our client's problems first, and then to address those problems. The research and consulting services offered by RCG include capabilities in basic survey research as well as more specialized expertise related to consulting, analysis, and modeling.

The basic survey research that RCG can provide includes: 

    * Qualitative Studies
    * Market Segmentation Studies
    * Awareness, Attitude, and Usage Tracking Studies
    * Product tests
    * Concept tests
    * Advertising Tests
    * Image Studies
    * Trend Studies
    * Public Opinion Studies
    * Pricing studies
    * Features studies


Expert System and Advanced Online Software Development

RCG can furnish your website with a custom-programmed expert system that accepts online input from your existing or prospective customers, then suggests the best product or service for them, alerting your salespeople in the process and additionally delivering to you a detailed customer profile. Various “add-ons” to this concept include a dealer locator and online diagnostics or troubleshooting.

Distribution Channel Strategies and Development

RCG helps manufacturers and service providers develop effective distribution strategies for their products and services. This service can also include the design and development of promotional strategies and collateral materials to support the distribution strategy.

Technology Assessment Services

RCG can assess the applicability and the viability of new and emerging technologies to meet client requirements.

Team Coordination/Employee Training

We work with our clients to insure that all members of the team - from technical to manufacturing, from marketing to sales -- are all committed to the same goals. We also consult with clients in the preparation of custom learning materials for in-house staff to aid in the marketing and selling of products and services.

Public Relations Support Services

RCG can provide PR services through a number of partner and affiliated agencies, or we can support a client's existing agency-of-record with services such as key messaging and positioning, press release and support materials, company/product launches, editor/analyst press tours, media relations, and customer success programs.