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Click on the links below to download selected samples of industry whitepapers, special reports, case studies and other marketing materials created for RCG clients. For more information about RCG clients, additional projects, and references, contact us directly at info@robinsconsult.com or call +1-203-829-6307.


Testing is Not an Option:
The Rationale for Enterprise IP Telephony Assurance and Testing

This paper outlines both the benefits and challenges of deploying a converged network in the enterprise. It discusses why testing is not an option when implementing a new IP-based communications system. And it describes in detail how testing addresses specific quality of service issues that can plague converged networks, so that enterprises can prepare for these issues before they have a chance to impact network quality.

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The Telco Triple Play:
Scoring a Successful Deployment with Comprehensive Lab Testing and Service Management

This paper outlines both the benefits and challenges of deploying a common network architecture for triple-play, and discusses the advantages of adopting new IP-based technology for the triple-play network, and explores key quality of service issues that can impact a triple-play network. It examines the rationale for testing various triple-play network infrastructure, applications, and service management operations, and the ways to ensure a telco can reap all the benefits of a triple-play deployment. 

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Delivering Optimal Quality of Experience (QoE) for IPTV Success

This white paper addresses the current benefits and opportunities for telcos entering the video market, the challenges of developing the network infrastructure required to deliver the highest IPTV QoE, the best method for assessing subscriber QoE, and key requirements for IPTV testing and network assurance.

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The SIPconnect Interface Specification:
A Standards-based Approach to Direct IP Peering for IP PBX and VoIP Service Provider Communications

One of the major drawbacks of today's new IP communications architecture is its reliance on offloading packets to TDM networks at various points during a transmission. While this is necessary in many cases to interface with analog equipment, in some instances a pure end-to-end IP connection is possible. SIPconnect offers a method for interconnection between IP PBXs and VoIP service provider networks, and specifies a reference architecture, required protocols and features, and implementation rules necessary for seamless IP peering.

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Special Reports

New IP Telephony Solutions for the Government Enterprise:
The Opportunities and Challenges of Migrating to VoIP

A revolution is under way in communications technology today, and the upside for government enterprises is worth celebrating. A full-scale migration from circuit- switched networks, systems and services to those based on packet-based Internet Protocol, or IP, communications is in full swing.

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IMS and AdvancedTCA:
Building a New Foundation for Enhanced Services

As service providers continue their migration to a converged network infrastructure, they are increasingly focused on offering a host of new enhanced services in addition to voice and data transport as the means to retain subscribers, attract new customers, and generate new revenue streams. Examples of enhanced offerings relate to triple-play and fixed mobile convergence, and include video and music, network-based gaming, and enterprise applications such as presence management and unified messaging.

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IP Media Gateways:
Bridging the Worlds of TDM and IP

As Internet Protocol (IP) networks proliferate, and Voice over IP (VoIP) and other IP-based communications services and applications enjoy unprecedented popularity, a large number of enterprises still have legacy, TDM-based phone equipment installed in their premises. In addition, as service providers migrate to an all IP-based converged network infrastructure, most must still support TDM-based customers who are connected to the network with digital and analog phones.

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Case Studies

Community Shores Bank
Banking on an Easier VoIP Migration with CitelLink

In the highly competitive banking industry, the ability to service customers is a key differentiating factor. Community Shores Bank (CSHB) prides itself on focusing on the local communities it serves. CSHB provides the full range of financial services that larger banks do, but with an unparalleled commitment to offering unmatched service, lower fees and a staff that goes the extra mile to satisfy customers.

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Mohave Mental Health Clinic
CITELlink Gateways Take the Migraine out of VoIP Migration

Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Inc. (Mohave) is a private, non-profit community mental health center that serves Mohave County, Arizona, including the cities of Kingman and Bullhead and Lake Havasu City along the Colorado River.

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