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Click on the links below to peruse a variety of articles, columns and special sections by Marc Robins on a variety of topics related to IP Telephony and IP Communications.

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            BusinessWeek Magazine Special Sections

Exploring the New Generation of Business Communications Solutions

It might surprise you to know that the next time you pick up your phone to make a long distance call- especially an international call -- there's a good chance that your voice will be carried not on the traditional telephone network but sent as data packets over some IP, or Internet Protocol-based, data network. It could even be traveling over the Internet itself.

(From the March 1, 2004 issue of BusinessWeek)

Transforming Business Communications

Internet-protocol, or IP, telephony -- a collection of technologies, products, and services that, broadly described, encompasses the convergence of voice, video and data on today's IP-based communications networks -- is serving to radically transform communications as we know it.

(From the September 27, 2004 issue of BusinessWeek)

A Wealth of Innovations Begins to Deliver New Value to Business

While the full legacy of the Internet and World Wide Web has yet to be written, the swiftness with which these innovations are drawing the world closer continues to astound. The newly discovered desire to control all the permutations and combinations of the ways people communicate, through time and space, is creating infinite challenges. In response, communications innovators are mining the vast potential of the Internet and coming up with ever-richer solutions.

(From the May 16, 2005 issue of BusinessWeek)

IP Communications Comes to Small Business

A revolution is under way in business communications today, and the upside for small business is worth celebrating. A full-scale migration from circuit-switched solutions to new packet-based Internet Protocol, or IP, communications, is in full swing. The "last mile' bottleneck -- where the lack of high-speed, broadband Internet connectivity served to hold back the widespread adoption of exciting, new IP0-based communications services and applications -- has finally been broken.

(From the 2005 Summer Edition of BusinessWeek SmallBiz)

The Vision of a Truly Mobile Workforce Comes to Life

It's 9 a.m., Monday: Do you know where your employees are? Chances are they're anywhere but at their desks. They could be working from a hotel room, at home, or from a branch office, in their cars or on planes en route to a meeting, roaming the corporate corridors on their way to a conference room, or off-site at a sales call or training seminar. Indeed, the very nature of work today has become highly mobile, and enterprises are no longer constrained by the four walls that make up the corporate headquarters.

(From the October, 10, 2005 issue of BusinessWeek)

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